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Ever wanted to start a lifestyle business from home or anywhere but your finances are a little low? This gem of a book is jam packed with no less than 52 ways to find funding no matter your background! Whether you need $20 or $20,000 to realize your business dream, you'll find some of the most creative and even weird ideas here.
EVEN If You're Broke, Your Credit Sucks and ALL Your Friends hate You... This book will work
With the global economy taking and unprecedented shift, and many people remaining financially stuck in the evolving element of the credit crunch, people are now beginning to shift their energies in the the worlds fastest growing small business sector; - and that is the launching of a home based business operation.

But while most people may desire to launch a home based business and a capitalize on its expanding profit drive; - they are often unable to raise the investment money that they need, either because they are broke, their credit sucks, they lack revenue earning ideas, or all their friends hate them to the level of not wanting to help them

Aware of this I put together no less than fifty two surprisingly simple ways by which practically anyone can acquire thousands of honest dollars to fund their home based or other initiatives
Not only is that cool... but check this out!
You should be in the duplication industry:

Many business owners forget that the most important thing to do is to make profit and wasting time just looking for funding can slow your income. You can do a better job helping your customers and team mates by always having a constant source in funding ideas so that when you are ready to 10X you business opportunities , funding will never be in issue.
meet the man behind the book
Nike Roach
Hi my name is Nike Roach and I wrote 52 Ways to Fund Your Home Business because when I was young teenager on welfare I started my first business with money that I did not have in a bank account and no one would loan the money to me except my mother.

Then when I started my first store front business I remember how I hated the awful feeling struggling to come up with rent money. And finally when I went into direct sales I remember how my credit was so bad that the only people who would give me the money were those that nearly wanted everything I owned as collateral.

I wrote this book to help nearly every business enthusiast from ever saying "I don't have the money"

Here's What Other People Are Saying about this Awesome Book!
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Great resource for any network marketer and I most highly recommend it!
Review By Bonnie Dawn
Wow ! What an amazing book. I keep it in my glove compartment in my car and use it whenever I have extra "free time after or before a meeting
Very creative ideas....
Review By Linn Laddish
This book gives hope when you are at the end of your rope really wanting to started a home business but can't find a way to come up with the money....

After reading the wonderful testimonials and applying a few of the ideas, getting the funding was no longer an issue and the future looks bright! Thank you, Mr. Roach!!".

Lynn Plata

I love that not only can I use these funding ideas for my business, I can share them with my team to help them launch at a higher level.

Amber Browne

"The Book gives anyone practical ways to find the money to start a home business and generate thousands of dollars in your home business".

Vickie Thompson

"I am so amazed with how Nike has helped me with my home business and giving me advice on various aspect of my business over the years".

Heather B
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
Whether you're a Newbie OR an Experienced business owner looking to help your team, you'll have have funding solutions in the palm of your hands.
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • What's the top 10 places to find funding that charge 0% interest rate
  • The Grant-Less tactics to get the Government to pay for your business start-up and expansion
  • What hidden bank loans are available to applicants with horrible Credit... (know who to ask) 
Page 7. Shows you how the junk you have in your home maybe worth $1000s.
Page 27. How to turn your sleeping quarters into the Bank.
Page 13. On this page, I tell you about an incredibly useful secret to get your sweat working for you.
Page 103. On this page, I'll show you your #1 business sponsor you never knew you had.
Don't waste another moment wishing you had the money to launch or expand  your business.  Grab your copy today and live your dreams
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